Big Night Out for Food

On Wednesday it was our wedding anniversary, so we headed out for dinner.

Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar was the place and when we got there it was such a nice night that we decided to sit outside on the footpath. Well, at a table, but you know what I mean.

They do a deal where for $55 a head they’ll just bring you food. Well that sounded like a good deal, so off we went.

First up was a plate of Carpaccio of Pink Ling with broad beans, mint and vanilla infused olive oil. Light and delicious and it went really well with the loaf of bread they brought with it. We ate the fish on slices of bread and mopped up the oil with it. as well.

Then came an antipasto platter to share. Olives, salumi, pickled vegetables, herbs and cheeses. The cheeses were a firm number that I didn’t get any of because Jenny scoffed the lot and a cream filled bococinni. thst… well, slright, I ate all of. Delicious.

Then we got a house made tagliolini with a duck ragu and pecorino. Again, delicious and we fought over the last few strands of pasta.

Then we got a big bowl of creamy cheesy polenta with talegio cheese and mushrooms cooked in swathes of butter. So, just a little bit rich. And to go with it we got two slow cooked beef ribs that looked like something Fred Flintstone might order, had obviously been in the oven for hours until the sticky meat fell from the bone and came with a gremolata with horseradish and an onion rich gravy. Put the rich polenta and the rich beef ribs together and it was a real blowout.

Then for dessert two little bombolini that were stuffed with banana and melted chocolate and dredged in cinnamon sugar. Then coffee and we were done.

$110 for food of that quality (and quantity) seems like a very big bargain. We got food we probably wouldn’t otherwise have ordered and more food than we probably would have ordered normally. The waiting staff were friendly and helpful and the whole thing made a great night out.

And just to top it off, Jenny asked where they sourced their meats from. “Barossa Fine Foods” said the waitress. (Don’t you love a restaurant where the staff actually know about the food?)

So Friday night we went into the market and went to the Barossa Fine Foods stall. Jenny explained that we had been to Andre’s Cucina and we wanted to biuy some of the same meat. Next thing they’re on the phone. “We’re ringing Andre to make sure that you get the right thing.”  Now that’s what service means.

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