Hmmmm…. Pearl’s Diner

If you had to choose, which would be the most hyped, hippest place to eat in Adelaide – Lucky Lupita’s or here?

I’m a bit ambivalent about this place. Well, all right, a lot ambivalent.

This whole “we’re too cool for bookings and so good you’ll be glad you waited” thing is all very well, but matched with a level of service that Macdonalds would be questioning it’s not a good look. Add that to the Ikea inspired tables and chairs in a big empty room in a Felixstowe backstreet and it’s a peculiar setting. You have to find it first, then you wait to get in and when you do you get to thinking “if the food’s no good then why did I bother?”

We went there a while back. Two adults and a fourteen year old son who knows how to eat. We ordered two burgers, pulled pork bun, fries, chicken wings and Macaroni and cheese.

Okay,the pork bun was sensational! The fries were average, the chicken wings were (according to 14 year old opinion) bony without much meat and the Macaroni and cheese was “not as good as Mum’s”

The burgers? Not huge, on overly sweet buns (I suspect an Asian bakery. Five Star? Breadtop?) which had burnt because of the glaze on top. A bit of salad and a slice of cheese with a smear of the much vaunted truck sauce, which didn’t seem to add much or way or the other, and, controversially, a meat patty cooked ” medium”, which seemed to mean well done to the point of blackened on the outside and close to raw at the centre. Perhaps the medium was an average reading.

Yes, it’s an experience and yes it’s somewhere that you can say, smugly, “oh yes, I’ve been there”, but really? Does that justify the Ho hum service, the high prices and the food that doesn’t really live up to the hype?

If you want the experience (you hipster you) then go. But if you just want a good burger pop into somewhere like the Blue and White on O’Connell street or Soto’s on Semaphore road, and you’ll probably do just as well and get change in your pocket.

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