BBQ City – a favorite

The fact that you often have to queue on a Friday night probably tells you that this place has a solid fan base. We’ve been going here for years and haven’t ever had a bad meal. Yes, the service can be a bit whimsical at times and the waiters can have variable levels of English (pointing at menus and repeating things is the norm) and the decor is utilitarian at best, but the food’s the thing.
Ducks, pork and chickens hanging in the window are a pretty good bet and the various barbecue combinations are a winner every time.
We recently got converted to the salt and pepper eggplant which is, I think I am safe in saying, a religious experience, but the crispy, Peking style beef and the handmade noodles with shredded duck rate with it.
If you’re going here expecting silver service and fine dining then you’re in the wrong place, but tasty food at a reasonable price? This is what they do.

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