Nanna Hot Bake – somewhere you should know about.

Tucked away down the back end of the Market is Nana Hot Bake. A little hole in the wall selling Asian style buns filled with all sorts of good things. They range from the Westernish – there hotdog buns are a kid’s favourite – through to Te firmly Eastern. Pork Floss? And I seem to recall a chilli and fish one. Or am I imagining it?

Their middle of the road numbers – the satay chicken bun, the barbecue pork, the beef curry and so on – are a treat though. Smallish pockets of slightly sweet bread filled with savory and sweet stuffings. Ask them and they’ll zap them in a microwave for a few seconds so that they’re piping hot. Although, to be honest, they are pretty good hubs just as they are.

The star attraction are the curry puffs. Flaky pastry filled with beef and potato curry and just brilliant.

They are dirt cheap. From memory, nothing over $3, so you can buy a few and still have change.

Of course just around the corner is Breadtop. Big, slick and glossy, with a much wider range, bigger buns and higher prices. But they lack the charm of Nanna’s, their buns always seem overly sweet to me and their fillings a bit too processed. If you know Nanna’s then you’ll know what I mean. And if you don’t, then you should. And as soon as possible.

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