Mamak Corner – hot and cheap.

My wife and I were in the city on some other business and decided to grab some lunch down Bank Street.

A little Malaysian restaurant seemed to be the go, so in we went.

We were given two laminated menus and went up to the hole in the wall to order.

Some spring rolls and samosas to share
A Nasi Lemak with chicken curry
A Roti Canai with a bowl of beef curry
A lime iced tea
A cold milo ( I know! Cold milo! It seems milo is pretty big through Singapore and Malaysia. They know a good thing when they see it)

Bill came to $30, which, let’s face it, for two people for lunch is like giving the stuff away.

The food arrived promptly and, in the main, was delicious. Nasi Lemak was served on a ceramic plate patterned like a banana leaf and had rice, chicken curry ( chicken cooked on the bone with skin on), hard boiled egg, chilli sambal, peanut and Ikan bilis, ( tiny dried salty whole fish )

My wife hoed into it, ignoring the way the tiny dried salty whole fish were looking at her reproachfully, and pronounced it very good.

My roti arrived with two dipping sauces – a yellow lentil thing and a curry sauce and the accompanying beef curry ( a very generous ” small bowl”) was full of falling apart beef, potato and a thick, red gravy that had a good whack of chilli heat and stained my pale grey shirt a treat every time I dripped some off the spoon. Still, rip up the roti, dip it in gravy, a spoonful of meat and potato. Very tasty indeed.

The samosas and spring rolls were… Well… Nondescript at best. They were all right without being essential. The iced tea and the milo came in the big dimpled glasses with handles that you haven’t seen since you were a kid and mum and dad took you to a pancake parlour.

So… Tasty, quick, good value. You could spend $15 bucks each on anonymous slop at a food court somewhere and probably not complain, so why not go here, get better food and enjoy it more?

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